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Light fixtures are a spectacular compliment to your home. Make them shine with a professional cleaning.

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Ceiling Fans, ​Light Fixtures & Fireplace Glass

Light fixture cleaning

Ceiling fans, light fixtures and fireplaces are generally hard to access and/or disassemble. That means these fixtures are oftentimes neglected during regular cleaning routines.

​A-1 has the experience and the ability to clean most of these fixtures for you, and the results will make your home look and feel cleaner and brighter. ​

Fireplace Glass

You may have thought that there is virtually no maintenance required with a modern gas fireplace. This is true, with some minor exceptions. It is important to clean the glass of your gas fireplace on occasion. During regular combustion processes, film can accumulate from minerals in the fuel, such as calcium and sulfur, and deposit on the glass. As well, minerals coming from the outside air brought into the venting system may end up as deposits on the glass as well.

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Light Fixture Cleaning Service

Make Your Light Fixtures Shine!

Like every other surface in your home, lighting fixtures accumulate dirt, grime, and dust over time which can cause it to lose the shine that it once had. Once you notice that your lighting fixture no longer has the luster and shine that it once had it’s time for it to be cleaned.

Some light fixtures are more elaborate than others and require a more complicated cleaning process. Some fixtures are located in hard-to-reach areas making cleaning it regularly as such an inconvenience.

A-1 Window Cleaning is here to make sure that every lighting fixture that you have will be cleaned efficiently and extensively. Our highly-trained professional provide an extensive cleaning solution for any type of lighting fixtures in your home, both inside and out!

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What Our Customers are Saying...

Jerry Gemmecke
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We received a quote to have all windows and storm windows on an older home cleaned inside and out. Price was good and we were added to the schedule within 4 days. I will be using this company again!
Susie O'Connor
Read More
The window cleaners were very professional and polite. They did a fantastic job on my windows, sliders, and screens. I will definitely be using them again!
Renate Donahue
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Been a customer for 5 years and they done an excellent job on our lead glad windows .
Rebecca Swinney
Read More
They did a fantastic job on my windows! The guys were very professional and considerate. I have three stories and some are hard to reach but they had no problems getting them sparkling clean. I thought the price was very reasonable, too. I will have them come every year!
Jay Baker
Read More
A-1 was prompt, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend them to meet your needs. I had them clean windows inside and out, as well as power wash my screened-in porch. They did a fantastic job!
Light fixture cleaning
The Right Experience and Equipment

Lighting Fixture Cleaning Specialists

Light fixtures can be very fragile and easily damaged that’s why you want to entrust it to someone with an abundance of knowledge and experience to get the job done as efficiently and extensively as possible.

A-1 Window Cleaning is composed of a team of professionals that have years of experience in providing exceptional light fixture cleaning. Our professional light fixture cleaning service utilizes scaffolds, a-frame ladders, professional cleaning tools, and industry-grade cleaning solutions in order to thoroughly clean your lighting fixtures and make them look like new.

Our lighting fixture service includes cleaning of panels, lighting cover, and every inch of the light fixture itself in order to make sure that it gets the care that it truly deserves.

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Premier Exterior Cleaning Company

Awards & Accolades

A-1 Window Cleaning is one of the highest-rated exterior cleaning companies serving Mooresville, IN and the surrounding area.

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Window screen cleaning
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How Dirty Lighting Fixtures Affect Your Home

Lighting fixture cleaning isn’t just an aesthetic service but it can also positively affect the functionality of your home. Dirty lighting fixtures aren’t just an eyesore but they can also affect the brightness in your home.  If you’ve noticed that the once bright light inside your home has turned lackluster and dim then it means that your lighting fixtures are in desperate need of cleaning.

On top of all of that, unclean lighting fixtures can compromise the health of people inside your home. The accumulated dirt, dust, and grime can affect the air that your family breathes which can cause discomfort, a variety of breathing problems, and affect those with allergies.

A-1 Window Cleaning is here to offer a professional lighting fixture cleaning service that will provide you with excellent lighting conditions while also keeping your home clean and allergen-free.

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A-1 Window Cleaning consists of a team of highly-trained professionals that are punctual and reliable and that focuses on providing the highest quality service to every customer.

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A-1 Windows is considered as one of the premier exterior cleaning companies serving Mooresville, IN and the surrounding region and all our past clients can confirm that.


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