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The services we provide for your home or business are more complex than they may seem on the surface, so there’s not a cookie cutter answer to this question. However, we do want you to have some idea of what to expect from us when it comes to pricing. With each service we offer, there are many factors that go into the final price – things such as accessibility, complexity, amount of dirt (length of time since last cleaning), etc. Every project presents a unique set of challenges and therefore unique pricing. This article (post) is an attempt to give you a ballpark of what to expect when we quote your project. We prefer to do on-site estimates whenever possible to give you the most accurate quote possible and to point out ways that you may be able to save money (i.e., moving outdoor items ahead of time).

Roof Cleaning

Avg. $600-$900; larger homes not uncommon to be $1,000+; includes a 2-year warranty Our price is based on the amount of roof you have, and not on the actual square footage of your living space. Therefore, a smaller ranch home that is spread out could actually be more expensive for roof cleaning than a larger 2-story home with a smaller footprint. Other factors include pitch of the roof, complexity of the roof and amount and type of growth present.

House Wash

Avg. $400-$600; larger homes $800+; includes a 1-year warranty Our price is based on the type of substrate (surface) we are treating. Vinyl siding costs less to treat than brick or stucco. Price is based on the square footage of the home. Our house washes include treating all surfaces, from the gutter line to the ground. Pricing factors include accessibility, amount of dirt, number of items that need to be moved and vegetation present.

Window Cleaning

Avg. $300-$600; larger homes $800+; includes a 5-day rain guarantee Our price is based not only on the number of windows you have, but also on the type of window that you have. Pricing factors include interior and exterior vs. exterior only, screen cleaning, track and sill detail, age/condition of the window, accessibility, and amount of dirt.

Gutter Cleaning

Avg. $200-$400; includes 3-month no-clog guarantee Our price is based on the linear footage of the gutter to be cleaned. Our service includes bagging of debris and flushing of downspouts to ground level. Pricing factors include the number of debris (length of time since last cleaning), accessibility and 1-story vs. 2-story.

Concrete/Paver Cleaning

Avg. driveway $200-$400 Our price is based on the square footage of the area to be treated. Pricing factors include the age of the concrete, amount of dirt and organic growth present. Stain removal (rust, battery acid, grease, oil) is available for an additional charge.
For a more exact quote on the services you need, give us a call… Keep in mind that there is a pricing advantage to bundling two or more services in one visit, and we can quote that for you, too.