Pure Water Window Cleaning

A-1 Windows knows you’re concerned with the future of our environment. We’re proud to offer Pure Water Window Cleaning. Ecologically friendly and chemical free, it is the most advanced green technology in the window cleaning industry.

Regular tap water is fed through a 4-stage filtration process that makes it 100% pure. This pure water is fed through a telescopic water-fed pole and pushed through jets on a brush at the end. The jets saturate the glass with pure water as the brush loosens the dirt. The pure water, which is hungry for dirt and minerals, pulls the dirt from the glass. As the dirty water is rinsed with additional pure water, nothing is left behind but a beautiful shine!

During the filtration process, waste water is created that is full of minerals.  This “dirty water” is an excellent source of food for plants and vegetation. Whenever possible, we funnel our “dirty water” into our customers’ flower beds.

Safety is another major benefit of Pure Water Window Cleaning. This technology gives us the ability clean higher windows without the use of ladders. Our water-fed poles are made of carbon fiber and allow us to reach heights of up to 50 feet!

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